Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Warong Corner Banggol, Kuala Terengganu

Though we had the fantastic nasi kerabu for late breakfast, we were hungry again by lunch time. Why am I perpetually hungry when I'm holidaying? :p
Our initial plan of having nasi dagang were dashed by a heavy downpour and we ended up at Warong Corner Banggol.
Looks pretty promising as the warong was packed with customers..after getting our seats, we decided to get our lunch.. can either opt for nasi berlauk (rice with our choice of dishes), noodles or goreng (ie, nasi/mee/kuay teow goreng).
I noticed the lauk area were rather packed, so I decided to try the dishes...
The dish on the right was daging masak merah which was superb! The meat, though just slightly hard, was marinated very well and the kuah was amazing. Very tasty indeed. The middle dish, timun gulai was also very scrumptious. The cucumber, though cooked in gulai, was extremely juicy...every bite I took was like biting into watermelon. The dish on the left, well, I took coz it was very popular and everyone seemed to be taking it. It was goat's intestine and the gamey flavour was so, so pungent and vile that I nearly puked after my first mouthful.. what the...I didn't touch this dish after that.
Amy decided to have noodles instead, hence the assam laksa..Their version was with clear soup, served with lots of shredded vegetables and a hard boil egg. It was actually pretty spicy, but I find the fish stock rather lacking. No ommphh :(. Poor amy didn't finished her assam laksa as it was too spicy for her..
Warong Corner Banggol is located at the corner of Jalan Kampung Tiong, Kuala Terengganu. In the middle of town, same road (opposite) as Alliance Bank.

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Blogger backstreetgluttons said...

I have always liked food from the East Coast. Tasty fresh and good price. And always some strange dish to be discovered down the corner !

Happy adventuring here in "backward" land !


13 July, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

toni: yes, real value for money for the food we get there. hahaha guess strangeness is in the package too!

14 July, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your web is great, I learned something about WOW here

11 November, 2008  
Anonymous Catherine said...

So pleasing to the eyes and definitely pleasing to taste. Love it!

14 April, 2011  

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