Friday, May 02, 2008

Fried street snacks/Tee Kueh, Penang

I still have one more post on Penang!
Was looking through my photo folder and I saw this..aduhai, how could I forget?

I seriously could not recalled what we had for breakfast and lunch, most probably some rep-eats ..hence, the only thing I have not posted on was the snacks we had before we left Penang..It was a very long way in, I really have lost my bearings by the time Ryan decided to park his car. We were welcomed with this sight..Ok, since this stall is in the middle of no where, yet people still come over to pack these snacks..must be pretty good, no?
I was even more amazed with the people working there..they were like robots!
The person frying the snacks, just kept moving in this robotic manner.......pick raw food, dip in flour mix, throw in the boiling hot oil, stir and remove. Repeat..i think i could almost hear him chanting..
Even the woman cutting the nian gau (chinese steamed sticky cake make from brown sugar and glutinous rice flour) had every slice cut to almost identical precision..Hence, most of the snacks looks almost identical. Amazing QC for something like this huh?
We had some tapioca roll (the sausage like thing), which is really crispy on the outside, but firm and full of tapioca on the inside. They definitely didnt stinge on the ingredients..
I didnt really like the flat rounded snack..the green pea kuih..somehow, there's this strong flavour that I dont find appealing..

The ultimate star for me, would be the fried tee kueh (nain gau)..
The nian gau was sandwiched between a slice of sweet potato and yam. What makes this the best I've tried so far was the light, almost-not-there batter. It's extremely crispy, yet, the batter almost melted the moment we took a bite of it. The yam and sweet potato was cooked to perfection, it was just so soft and moist...the half melted nian gau oozing from the centre just makes this snack so heavenly.

As I was rather lost by the time we reach, I only noted down that it's located at Jalan Free School, near the Batu Lancang roundabout, where SMJK Heng Ee is. It's next to 48, Eng Car workshop.

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Blogger J2Kfm said...

wow, i LOVE fried Nian Gao!!!!!
there;s one in Ipoh I used to go often for the same thing time and again... and yew char kuey never gets old/boring hor? :)

02 May, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

j2kfm: when the fried nian gau is done correctly, it's utterly delicious :). yeah, yew char kuey is an evergreen for me too, never get bored of it..esp if eaten with black coffee!

02 May, 2008  
Anonymous SF said...

If I knew you were going to PG and especially to the Batu Lanchang area, there's this stall in the market/food court that sells lovely nyonya kuih, especially their kuih talam. They start selling around 3 pm, and there'll be lots of people crowding to buy all sorts of kuih, if you go around 4.30-5 it'd be all gone. Next time when you go again I guess!

03 May, 2008  
Blogger beachlover said...

I love nin gau.Now make me hungry just looking at it.Wish I have more time when I was visiting Penang.

03 May, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

sf: erm, actually i didnt know that i'll be at batu was all ryan's plan. i just tagged along.haha...i was at the batu lanchang market though, guess i didnt look around for the kuih?

beachlover: hi there! there's just too much good food in penang for us to cover all in one trip :(

03 May, 2008  
Anonymous Kenny Mah said...

oh i ADORE neen gou... fried, fried, fried... darn it, i'm getting a sore throat but soon. :P

is it gonna be penang now? ;)

03 May, 2008  
Blogger Jun said...

the green bean snack is an acquired taste. some find it bland tho.

for me, i patronise the van that sells all these in tanjung bungah, parked at a junction coming out into the main rd. i think it's cos i've been gng thr since i was a kid, so i dun patronise other stalls, altho i've heard good things abt this stall :)

05 May, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

kenny: drink loads of water then :p

jun: i get what you mean..there's this wanton mee stall which i love in my hometown, though it's not the best i've had..just bcoz of the good memories it brought :)

05 May, 2008  
Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

just read the newspapers..fried plastic pieces to make it crispier..aiks..

but trust this is all good rite? looks extremely sinful but yummy!

05 May, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

joe: haha.yeah, i got that circulated in emails too..think this is's not the hard crunchy types, but crispy melts in mouth types..yumss..

07 May, 2008  

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