Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, Mutiara Damansara

Bollywood Queen was not happy.
She wanted to buy Uncle Zach dinner at Bubba Gump's but the wait was one hour.
So we met this morning, and while swimming a couple of laps (to loose some flabs), Bollywood Queen announced that lunch is at Bubba Gump's (non negotiable on my end). So much for losing weight..hahaha

So we reached and it was not crowded, but we got a confused waiter who brought us all around the restaurant and finally decided that we should sit outside the restaurant, at the entrance. We obviously made some noise as it was still rather empty inside.
We were finally seated, and were given some brief introductions on how to use the signs on our table.

If you want the waiter to come to your table, choose this..

Else, a Do Not Disturb by choosing this....

After checking out the menu, BQ decided to have Run Forrest Run...
Which we had to work for to get our drinks. The waiter insisted we should answer some questions on Forrest Gump before we could have our drinks. The dude obviously didnt know that 2 thirsty women can be very angry women..sigh..

This is a smoothie of oranges, strawberries, bananas and raspberry non-fat yogurt. Banana lovers would like this as the banana flavour was very intense.

To complement Forrest, I had Jenny's Favourite..

A smoothie of strawberries, cranberry juice, and raspberry non-fat yogurt. It think it's my fave too, as it's very yummy.

We decided to have Shrimper's Heaven (RM44.90)..
4 flavours of shrimps here...The coconut shrimp were quite plump and large, deep fried with dessicated coconut. The batter was too sweet for my liking though. The chilled prawns were, erm, chilled. Dipped in the savory sauce, it was ok, though not as fresh as I would like it. I've forgotten the name of this flavour (right side of the picture) which was, in my opinion, the nicest in this group. Crunchy batter, juicy, springy shrimps.The tempura prawns were mediocre as I find the flour rather thick.
We decided to share a Shrimp Po' Boy sandwich (RM24.90)..Somehow, I've conjured up in my head a sandwich with a big prawn patty..
But, we got this..BQ prefer the shrimps served with this sandwich, she finds it better tasting than the 4 flavours in Shrimper's Heaven.. I kinda agree too as the batter for this shrimps were very flavourful. Yummy stuff. The bread was very hard though. As I'm a potato crazed woman, I was thrilled that there's chips served with both our mains..
Alas, my excitement was shortlived as the chips were Way too sad. I could have finished all those chips!!
As the portions were large, our tummies did not have any space for desserts...
Just too much shrimps for a meal I guess..

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is located at Lot 145, 1st Floor, Jalan PJU 7/3, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ, Selangor.

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Blogger Simon Seow said...

Lol. Just read the same review from FBB.

Sorry, I was late last Saturday to Pan Heong. My friend la go fetch his gf in Taman Desa.

29 April, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

simon: no worries bout that :). am sure we'll get to meet another time..maybe for charsiew? hahaha

29 April, 2008  
Blogger ai wei said...

i like their name. so shrimp-y. must be full of shrimps. hehe

29 April, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

ai wei: if you like watching forrest gump, you'll love this place...basically a shrine for the show..hahaha

29 April, 2008  
Anonymous jason said...

Er.. do they have anything else other than shrimp?

30 April, 2008  
Blogger Last-of-the-Dragon said...

i went there ystdy. i'm pretty sure i won't be going back there again for dinner. Dessert probably.

i've tried the shrimp heaven but definitely doesn't put me up high in the clouds. Agreed with SC that the chilled prawns weren't that fresh, the tempura prawns were so-so, didn't get to tried the coconut shrimp cos they said they ran out of coconut..hmmm....the other one is chilli prawn, which is cruncy but i din like it cos it was rather dry. and putting in a RM 44.90 tag, i expect the prawns to be bigger.

oh..i tried the dessert called Chocolate something (can't remember the name) which comes in a glass with ice cream. defintely for Choc lovers. Rich & has nice texture.

30 April, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

jason: yeah, think i saw about 2 fish mains, one chook and maybe some meat..

dragon girl: hahaha..that's what BQ and I agreed on too. not worth the money spent as food's so-so. yeah, maybe for desserts.

30 April, 2008  
Anonymous SF said...

Hey, they actually have this in HK also, up on Victoria's peak. Everytime someone comes to visit HK and I have to do my obligatory tour guide service up to the peak (at least 3-4 times already so far!), I pass by this place but have never been in there. Was never tempted to either!

30 April, 2008  
Blogger J2Kfm said...

a restaurant specializes in shrimps will definitely get my vote!!! sadly I passed by this restaurant only at The Curve, did not realise the hype. maybe next time. any cooked/boiled shrimps instead?

30 April, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

sf: dont think u need too go there at much good food in HK, you can definitely skip this..

j2kfm: yes, they did serve boiled shrimps, but i didnt find it fresh enuff though. quite pricey too. think i'll rather go for chinese rest for seafood..

02 May, 2008  

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