Friday, March 07, 2008

Vote for...

So tomorrow's The Day.

Remember to choose wisely!
(not like my friend's reason: i'm voting for her coz she's young and hot!...) *shakes head*
For those travelling back to their hometown to vote, do drive carefully!

Oh, btw, I might not be able to post anything for the next few days as my phoneline's down and I am having a hard time setting an appointment with the telekom people to have a look..sigh...

am posting this short msg frm office..hehe *sssshhhhh*



Blogger JOjo said...

I miss the registration period (3months before election) and im not eligible to vote this round *srgh*

08 March, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

jojo: next round then :)

09 March, 2008  
Blogger Simon Seow said...

Now that the Opposition have some say in the Parliament. Hope they will ask TM to buck up.

10 March, 2008  
Blogger Nic (KHKL) said...

got any hot candidate meh? hmmm...ok lar, i can see one or two..haha!

11 March, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

simon: hahaha..hopefully..*fingers crossed*

nic: according to this guy friend of mine la...:p

11 March, 2008  
Blogger Jason said...

Let's see whether the newly elected gov will do their job as promised.

11 March, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

jason: well, it's a new chapter..let's wait and see..

11 March, 2008  

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