Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nasi Ayam Kampung, Bandar Baru Tun Razak

I have heard of Velodrome Ayam Kampung for the longest time.
How long? Seriously, I think I've lost count.

Finally, Bollywood Queen was meeting her friend Ernie for lunch at Velodrome, the first person she ajak was me :)
Nak pergi tak dude?
Of course!

It was a long drive from PJ to Bandar Baru Tun Razak, I am totally lost by the time we were near. I thought it was a small restuarant, but in the end, we ended at some food court/medan selera near velodrome. So, which stall?
I heard from Bollywood Queen that there's a few ayam kampung stalls (to confuse first time visitors), but only one that's really good..This one, BQ pointed, just before we stopped and I leave it to them to choose the dishes.

You can choose to eat indoors (the foodcourt) or outdoors..As we were there for brunch, it's great to have it under the shady trees..

We had lala ( a type of clams) The lala was fresh (and no sand bits!), the gulai was very light and goes well with rice. Some ulam (raw vegetables) to go with their delicious homemade chilli sauce..

Their ikan bilis, kacang cooked with sambal was absolutely scrumptious. By far the best version I've tried. Both the anchovies and peanuts were fried until crunchy (not those hard like stone type) and added into the sweet, spicy sambal sauce (with onions) for a quick stir. It's very addictive and goes so well with the rice.
I tried cutting the daging salai with spoon which was impossible..Gosh, this must be the hardest beef I've ever come across I mumbled..
Just take the whole piece and bite! BQ urged.. which I did..
And I understood why I could not cut it with spoon. It was deep fried until really crunchy, it was like beef crackers. Although this is cooked in a veru tasty concoction of coconut milk, onions, herbs and spices, the beef remains 'kruk kruk' crunchy. Ernie said this is a kelantanese method of cooking. Amazing..and delicious.
And the star of the day..Fried ayam kampung (country chicken). The stall owner was rather disappointed we order a piece each.
Satu seorang cukup ke? (one piece per person, that's sufficient?)
I'm guessing that his usual patrons would usually take at least 2 pieces of ayam kampung..
Dont be fooled by the scrawny, dried looking fried chicken. I took the chicken breast part and it's still very juicy. The exterior was fried until golden brown, every bite was crispy; and the meat was tender, sweet and lean (as country chickens are healthier choice). I love this.
Ernie said that the soursop juice is lovely here...Yes, for RM2.50, not only it's good, it's very reasonably price. Fresh soursop blended and chunks of ice were added as the only source of dilution. Very thick, creamy and yummy soursop juice. Real peng, leng, jeng!
Our total bill was RM40.90. Very satisfying meal, I am definitely coming back again. :)
Nasi Ayam Kampung is located at No 5, Taman Selera Muda, Velodrome, Bandar Baru Tun Razak, Cheras.

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Blogger Big Boys Oven said...

walio such a tradisional food! so treasured!

24 February, 2008  
Anonymous Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I don't think I've ever eaten crispy beef before! The ayam kampung sounds delicious. I really must try this place.

25 February, 2008  
Anonymous jason said...

I never ventured to the Velodrome before, just pass by it when I took bus to BB. No idea there's a food court there. Shall come here to try the chicken soon ;)

25 February, 2008  
Blogger Nic (KHKL) said...

ya lar, satu seorang mana cukup? haha! looks good and not overly-battered...i hope they are open on weekends...

25 February, 2008  
Blogger Tummythoz said...

Looks like another place I'll be calling you for directions. U went on a weekend?

25 February, 2008  
Blogger Hazza said...

nothing like old fashioned malay food! Too bad they are not healthy or I would have then every meal whenever I visit KL.

25 February, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

bigboysoven: traditional and delicious :).

lyrical lemongrass: yeah, that was my first too :). very tasty..and the chicken is great too..

jason: i'm quite lost in cheras actually..but my frens said its at velodrome.

nic: i wanted to call for seconds..but then again..yes, it's open on weekends, i was there on sunday..

tummythoz: oh dear, i need to ask my friend for directions :p coz i am so lost there! hahaha..yes, i was there on sunday.

25 February, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

hazza: yes, sinful but oh so delightful! guess we cant indulge too much :)

25 February, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds AND looks good, but Cheras leh. I am so lazy to travel that far. I guess that's why I keep missing out on the good things in life! Hehe.

26 February, 2008  
Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyah any1 coming here soon pls call me lar..super nearby hahaha...

26 February, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

kenny: yes, very far..but u still have other good stuff in life ;p

joe: adui, i was rather lost and didnt even know it's near your place ma :). next time, ok?

26 February, 2008  

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