Monday, May 07, 2007

Ikan Bakar Pak Awang, Cherating

Yes, am still not done with Cherating/ Kemaman ;p
Being at Cherating, having seafood is almost a must, and we decided to have ikan bakar (grilled fish) instead for our dinner one night. I have previously searched on the net for recommendations of ikan bakar in Cherating and a traveller was raving about ikan bakar at Pak Awang's. Hence started our search for the elusive stall...
Those who have travelled to Cherating would know that the road at Cherating is long, not very well lighted and sorta tight. And to look for Pak Awang's restaurant near sunset was almost impossible, but with a lil determination and good look out from Bubbly Alicia, we found the place...
Quite a large restaurant/shop, this place was rather quiet with only a few patrons..Since we were there and our tummies have started protesting, we went to the seafood counter and chose our dinner..
Blur butterfly wanted pari (stingray) and she chose the largest she could lay her hands on...Though the flesh is sweet, I thought the marination was insuffucient and the skin would have tasted better if it was grilled a tad longer..Looks kinda raw and uncooked (though it was) from my picture hor?
As i like sotong (squids) tremendously, we decided to have 2 types of cooking style, ie, grilled sotong and deep fried sotong. The grilled sotong was rather disappointing; again, I find the marination insufficient, making this a rather bland dish..
The deep fried version of the squid was much better...Crunchy batter, springy squids..
Rather than having all our dishes grilled, we had the ikan masak tiga rasa (fish cooked in 3 flavours).
Oh, sweet and sour ya? i asked.
Takde dik, 3 rasa, pedas, manis dan masam! (No, 3 flavours, spicy, sweet and sour!) the makcik replied.. And this was our dish of fish..Tasted exactly like sweet and sour fish (pedas? mana pedas?!?), the fish was fresh, so this was pretty decent..
Lastly, we had stir fried kailan with salted fish.. I've always like the malay version of this.Somehow, it's more pungent than the chinese version...and i like.. hehe. Pak Awang's version is wicked, very tasty, one of the best I've tried, loved the salted fish they used, really yummy..Total bill was RM52.
What Julianne thinks?
Ordinary, not sure what all the rave was about.. (though by the time we left, this place was quite pack!)
Ikan Bakar Pak Awang is located along the long road towards kemaman/kuala terengganu. After driving pass Club Med (on your right) for approximately 5 mins, this shop, with very small sign board, is on your left.

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Anonymous jason said...

The sting ray really "look" uncooked wor....

07 May, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

looks kinda scary hor? i didnt really wanna eat it at first..hehe..

08 May, 2007  
Blogger Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Talk about creative names, hor. 3 rasa. hehe. No matter what, seafood will always taste good when you're at the beach...sigh....I long for a holiday right now....

08 May, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

yeah, makes it sounds better than masam manis i guess ;)..not taking a holiday anytime soon?

08 May, 2007  
Anonymous jason said...

Beach holiday eh? Sounds good...

08 May, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

yeah jason, especially when the weather's so hot now! aaahh, the sun, sea, beach, getting a tan..

09 May, 2007  
Blogger adrian87 said...

I tried last night, the stingray just too small. 2 fish + 1 vege + 1 Lala just cost rm49 only. Overall is 4 out of 5.

15 June, 2012  

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