Monday, January 15, 2007

Mango Tango, Bangkok

I absolutely love mangoes.. The sweet ones, that is..
We were at Siam Centre, looking for food (in particular, vermicelli crab).. We managed to find one that serves fantastic food (we had dinner there) and SL said she saw this place that serves mango dessert. Alridee then, we'll save some part of our stomach for dessert (like what SF always says, no matter how full u r, there's always room for dessert :p). After a satisfying dinner, we strolled over to Mango Tango, a small little shop which serves mainly, mango dessert. There's mango lassi, homemade mango ice cream, mango pudding, fresh mangoes served with sago/ puree etc.. We only ordered 3 desserts as we were really stuffed frm dinner..kekekkeke. hence we ordered 2 plates of Mango Tango and a bowl of cubed mangoes with sago and pureed mangoes (which I cant remember its fancy name) to share. Mango Tango seemed to be the most popular item there as nearly every table has it..What you get is half a fresh mango, mango pudding, homemade mago ice cream with a dollop of whipped cream. It was so gorgeous and appetising that I tucked in immediately, forgetting to take photos.. :(. Anyways, I found a Thai website recommending Mango Tango, the picture is from You can check out the website for more pictures, though all are introduced in thai. This thai mango dessert house is as good as the famous one in HK (which i cant recall the name).. I particularly enjoyed the pudding, which was absolutely scrumptious! Smooth, silky texture, fragrant mangoes mixed in it.. oohhh.. just heaven! The mangoes were yummy too, extremely sweet, the flesh was fine, very juicy and oh so good! The homemade ice cream was good too, but me thinks the one in HK is better :p
We also had the cubed fresh mangoes with sago and pureed mangoes. The mangoes obviuosly was good.. But after eating mango tango, this would come a close second ;p
What Julianne thinks?
Heavenly and delish!
Mango Tango is located at Siam Square Soi 4, Rama 1 Rd, Bangkok. I think it has branches around bangkok.. but I donno where.. Price ranges RM8 and above.

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