Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bangkok Food

I wont be introducing on a particular restaurant/eatery in this post, but on the food I have managed to eat when I was in Bangkok. Some are really good, make sure you try too! Beef noodles- you can pratically find this dish everywhere in thailand. Very popular, what you get is thick beef stock, noodles of your choice and "types" of beef. Not my favourite, i find the stock too salty and sweet at the same time. Prefer Vietnam's version Duck noodles- you can find this quite easily too. my favourite noodles coz i really love duck. Same method as the beef noodles, served with duck broth, your choice of noodles and 'types' of duck (parts). yummy. I have taken duck rice too previously and it's also good :). different frm Msia's version. Mixed pork part noodles- actually i dont think i find this in many places. but the BBQ pork looked so good (it was glistening under the lights, beckoning me to order it.. i swear!), could not resist having it. I chose egg noodles (which is different frm Msia's version). Very 'airy' sort of noodles, soaks up the sweet spicy sauce well. But need to eat it fast,coz it tends to get soggy (thats when its icky!). I had this at MBK food court, near Siam BTS. Thai mixed rice- Yup, thai's version of chap fan. As thai people loves pork, most of their dishes are pork dishes. You can try mixed rice almost everywhere in Thailand, at foodcourts, shops etc. As you can see, i had pork, pork and pork. freaking carnivour. but this is good stuff, do try. Pork patty and sweet sour bacon/pork thingy. Had their aubergine and veg too. fantastic. Fried kuay teow (flat noodles)- Looks very similar to Msia's version. You do find small stalls that does fried kuay teow along the road side. I had mine at Robinson's foodcourt while taking a break frm shopping. Dont ever try that stall. Sucks. Big time.
Pad thai- Another ubiquituous dish that you can get in Thailand, a must try. Sweet, spicy, sour all rolled into one, gives full satisfaction if you get a good cook preparing this :p. I had a really nice one at a restaurant (popular amongst the locals) along Menam Chao Phraya, near the new bridge (sorry mates, didnt take down the restaurant name). Or jien- Or I think its called or jien in Thailand too.. That's how we ordered it anyways. Exactly the same version as Msia's. But was served without any sauce (?!?), so not as satisfying as Msia's. Grilled bananas- Not to be mistaken as the famous air dried honey soak banana frm Chiangmai, those we get from Bangkok were grilled dried and drizzled with honey. Very different, but not my fave. Do give it a try though. Green Mango and sweet fish sauce- I am not sure why I never knew about this snack of that many times I've been to thailand. Well, better late than never! Thanks SL for introducing this really fantabulous snack to me. You can get it from most of the fruit stalls, foodcourts, etc.. this is really really yummy. Sliced, crunchy green mango dipped in the fish sauce-palm sugar laden dip. Though my tolerance level for sour food is extremely low, this green mango is so good, I can't stop eating it! Chopped chillies and dried shrimp for the final perfect touch to this snack. Must try!
I didnt take pictures of these, but I did try...
Mango and sweet sticky rice- Too famous. Dont need more explanation. Must have when in Thailand! Better than those served in Msia anytime. Prefer with mangoes than durians
Grilled squids- Can get this along the road, these squids are grilled so nicely, so sweet, springy and dont have the "fishy" smell. Have it with their spicy greenish chilli sauce, OMG! shiok!
Grilled sausages- Not so good since the last time i had it in bangkok. basically this is mince meat with chopped shallots & coriander, made into sausages and grilled. Eat with the same sauce as the grilled squid.
Grilled meat slices- Ok, this snack look so unappetising that you may not want to try. It's cut into strips like fries and thread together using some leafy twiggy thing (else it's skewered with bamboo stick). You choose which "string" you want and the stall owner will grill it for you, on the spot. Absolutely scrumptious, this tops my list of grilled street food. Well marinated, taste like char siew, but different.
Hope you'll try some of these dishes/snacks when you do visit thailand as I did! Bon appetite :)

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Blogger Xiu Long Bao said...

dats heaps of food ^_^ how many meals did u hav in a day in bangkok?

25 January, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

hahaha :D xiu long bao.. yup, that looks quite a lot ya? well, some of the food were my fren's, i just took the picture and curi makan ;p

26 January, 2007  
Blogger Rasa Malaysia said...

It looks like after the first picture of your first post, there is this dark purple block that covers the text and it's impossible to read.

I have IE 7.

27 January, 2007  
Anonymous durianberry said...

Yummy! Thanks for showing all the food pics from Bangkok. I'm particularly drawn to the nasi campur, it just looks deli! Hmm, no tom yam?

I seem to encounter the same problem as rasa malaysia. I'm using firefox 1.5

27 January, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

hi rasa malaysia and durian berry, thanks for bringing up this issue.. i really dont know why this happens, will try to get some advise from some frens.i've checked with other ppl who visit my blog, they said it's fine, so i'm not sure wats the prob here :(

29 January, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

have asked the template designer of my blog if his template design cant accommodate firefox and IE7..He said shud not be a prob..may be also due to the fact i have 'upgraded' to new blogger recently. waiting for some advise frm blogger support.. *sniff*

29 January, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't really finish all your writes on Bangkok but enjoyed it thoroughly. Will be there over CNY and take in what your have recommended, with thanks. Looks like you had missed out on Tonyroma @ Nana Station. Serves the best ribs in the world, better than the one in Sunway Pyramid coz they have piggy!!

08 February, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

yup, i saw tonyroma when i was in Bangkok.. only realised that they serve pork ribs (unlike msia's) when i was back here..=(. dang!
well, guess u'll get to eat it though :). hope u'll get to try some of the food i recommended (the good ones, not the bad), hav a good cny!

08 February, 2007  

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