Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A new year, a new you?

Ahhh, yes, its the time of the year when we take time off, clear our remaining annual leave and be jolly :)
But as year end approaches and the new year looms ahead, some of us would sit down and reflect on our year, and what lies ahead. What would you be thinking of this year end?
  • New year's resolution. It's the time to write a new list! Some people absolutely depends on it, saying that without it, they don't have a goal to work towards. Others don't give a damn bout it. You?
  • Make love, not war. Am sure not everything is smooth sailing throughout the year for everyone.. there would be some misunderstanding, petty arguments, little annoyances etc.. But aint it better to have a friend rather a foe? Let's kiss and make up...
  • Total make over. Yup, I've met some people who actually does a 360 transformation (appearance wise) with the new year..Wanna start fresh, they said..
  • To the extreme. Again I met some people who takes a 360 change on their outlook on life.. suddenly, this timid quiet fella becomes the extreme sports fanatic, doing crazy stunts that usually most people wont have the balls to do...
  • Drink till drunk, party hard and come what may. Some just take the year end as the time to drink and party as if theres no tomorrow.. Who cares wtf would happen next year? Next year come, next year see lar!
  • Just another day. The new year? Its just another day wat.. a full circle of 365 days have just ended, so another day lor..

Well, guess the list is endless eh? What ever you may wanna do, or just simply, do nothing, I wish all of you a fantabulous 2007!



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