Monday, December 18, 2006

Mama Chops & Papa Grill

I believe theres quite a number of branches for this restaurant, but if you ask me where.. I wont know :p..
We decided to pop over to MCPG as WF, Elaine and Alicia were coming over to my place and this restaurant is really near for a quick dinner.Usually MCPG would be packed by 8pm.. Guess the thunderstorm shooed off their customers as we were the only there that nite ._."
Anyways, we had our orders... I dont know why, by everyone wanted to have lamb that day.. I mean, MCPG serves loads of other stuff like poultry, fish, steaks, pastas etc.. but all of us wanted lamb.. so sorry mates, the pictures gonna look kinda same..MCPG serves very cheap western food, some for extremely good value.. I know they serve humongous mixed grill platter ( with chicken, lamb, salmon, steak, sausages, veg and chips) that can fill a very hungry man's stomach!
Alicia & WF had Grilled Lamb Leg with Garlic Mushroom sauce, I had lamb chop with Garlic mushroom and Elaine had Grilled Lamb Leg with Mint sauce. We shared a Papa Cheese Roll too...
Food was promptly served...
The Lamb chop and lamb leg were tender and succulent, came in large pieces.. surprising for a RM12.90 meal.

The Lamb Chop

Lamb Leg with mash

It was smothered with tasty creamy garlic mushroom sauce and was served with sides of chips/mash and frozen veg. The sides was not very nice..:(. Chips was over fried, the mash dry and the frozen veg.. ummm, still had that freezer taste.. eewww
Elaine's Lamb Leg with mint sauce was served last..
She got 3 huge pieces of lamb, nicely grilled, with the juices and sweetness intact.. She seemed satisfied with her dish :).. I do find the mint sauce a lil diluted though.. else, this is ok..
The Papa Cheese Roll was served whilst we were tucking into our meal....It was basically sausage and cheese wrapped in a bun.. The bun was deep fried, tasted like those fried mantou in chinese restaurants... Once we cut the bun open.. the melted cheese started oozing out....ooooo... This, I must say, is pretty good..:)
As we polished our plates clean (ya, we were a hungry lot that nite), the dessert of banana fritter with ice cream was served.. I do like this dessert as MCPG serves fabulous banana fritters.. The ice cream was norm.. but the bananas.. yum yum!
What Julianne thinks?
Cheap, no frills and tummy filling
Mama Chops & Papa Grills is located at K-9, Block K, Aman Suria Damansara, Jalan PJU 1/43, PJ. (well it does have other branches, but sorry, I dont have the address..)

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Anonymous durianberry said...

These are extremely mouth watering! I love mutton to pieces :3 Must give a visit too, considering that it's quite inexpensive relative to the portion of the serving. Hehe. In Penang, I believe there are two branches. One in Tg Tokong and one near USM along University Place :)

19 December, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

yup durianberry, it's relatively cheap for lambchops...MCPG's other mains are cheap too :)

19 December, 2006  
Blogger Last-of-the-Dragon said...

i already banned MCPG's food (aman suria branch) from entering my taste bud. i already gave them a 2nd chance by patronising them twice but sad to say i'm disappointed. i haf not tried their lamb so i can't comment on tat but i am sure say that the rest of their stuff are bad shit. their chicken taste so 'dead' like almost rotting. salmon is cooked too dry. they did not warmed the mash potato at the right was still powdery when i ate tat...yuck!!. mushroom soup is from canned and it is soo diluted tat u dun even taste anythin....

24 December, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

wah, dragon, obviously u had very bad experiences with MCPG..Ya, I have been ordering lamb on the occasion i'm there. But I had the salmon there once and it was pretty good though.. guess no QC..

26 December, 2006  
Blogger ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

MCPG kat medan mara rm4 je seorang bufet dari 7.30-11.30 pagi weekdays

11 January, 2009  

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