Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Departure Lounge, Aman Suria

Alicia was telling me about Departure Lounge sometime back as she said that it serves one of the best bagels in Klang Valley (as good as those she had in New York)..Since I'm staying near that area, I decided to pop over with May Lin for breakfast one fine morning....
I was in for a pleasant surprise when I reached Departure Lounge.. This place is "travel" themed.. It's filled with loads of travelling books of many countries and many of the books have been well read (with the dog ears, highlighter marks and all). Not sure if the owner is really that well travelled, but he/she sure put in an effort to have the theme running.. Most of the food in the menu has some link to countries etc.. and if we need the 'assistance' of the waiters and waitresses, they are refered as "cabin crew"..
Anyways, back to the food.. Departure Lounge serves breakfast, lunch and tea (no asian menu, purely breads, cakes and pastries).Breakfast menu consists of bagels, big breakfast, pancakes, breakfast pies etc. We ordered 2 sets of bagels, one with blueberry and the other, raisin and cinnamon.
Both bagels smells real good and had a nice dollop of cream cheese on the side..we attacked the bagels the moment I snapped the pics :p
Top: Blue berry bagel, Bottom: Raisin and cinnamon
Alicia was right, the bagels were yummy :). Served really hot, it has the crunchiness of a fresh loaf, inside remains soft but compact and chewy, the fragrant blueberry and cinnamon wafting in the air.. Spread the cream cheese on the hot bagel, take a bite and wahlah! heaven, i'm in heaven..kekekkeke. Have it with a cup of Illy coffee (yes! they serve Illy too!) and ahhhh.. what a great way to start the day...
After eating the bagels, we still think we could eat a lil more (yeah yeah, pigs, I know), so we ordered Tuna Melt with Ciabatta (you can also choose it to be served with foccacia/croissant/tortilla). The Ciabatta was nice and hot, tasted like it's fresh from the oven. The tuna however, was just ok.. you know, tuna with mayo and melted cheese..It came with a side of homemade salsa and nachos..
Departure Lounge is a lovely place to chill with frens, get travel info if you are planning for hols and with Wifi facility, I did noticed quite a number of patrons bringing their laptops to leisurely surf the net while sipping coffee and enjoying their cakes..
What Julianne thinks?
Creative, refreshing and relaxed
Depature Lounge is located at B-G-20, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara. You can either come from Tropicana (turn up at the tunnel) or from Dataran Prima (you'd need to U turn). Opens morning till 7 pm.

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