Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Great balancing act

There are 2 types of toilet, the seating type and the squatting type. Obviously, you seat for the seating type and squat for the squatting type...
But somehow, someone, would try her acrobatic stunts in the toilet...
And I get freaking piss. WTF would someone squat on the seated toilet bowl?
How do I know? The freaking shoe prints are on the toilet bowl! (yes, most fortunately the toilet bowl is white and I could see the marks clearly). I get utterly amaze sometimes when I see heels/stilettos prints on the seat. How do they manage to do it and doing it at the same time?? Dont they know theres a risk of
  • falling
  • getting their ankle sprained
  • get stuck in the toilet bowl?
Why? why? Sigh.... Why cant they understand that if they wanna squat, then use the squatting toilet. Man, why are there weird ladies in my office? :(
I wonder how's the men's toilet...


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