Friday, October 20, 2006

Restoran Kin Kin

I briefly wrote about Kin Kin months back in the good food list as it's the only famous chilli pan mee that I have tried. Heck, its the only chilli pan mee I have ever tried. :p
Though I have been eating this for years now, I am still a fan of the conventional pan mee. Nevertheless, this is an unique, tasty pan mee and it has earned itself many loyal customers. I have known some who are so addicted to this noodles that they must have it at least once a week....
Lily and I popped over around 12:40pm for lunch on a weekday and it was freaking pack!! Though the pan mee here is more expensive compared to the average pan mee, no one seems to mind at all..We waited for seats and in the end had to 'dub toi' with others..
So what is chilli pan mee? Well, for those who have not tried this noodles before, chilli pan mee's main ingredient is of course, the chilli. Not the usual chopped chilli or the watery pan mee chilli sauce, but this version is the stir fried dry chilli with shrimp concoction. What you get is homemade pan mee with the usual ikan bilis, mince meat and topped with a half boiled egg. Instead of the usual dark soy sauce in your noodles, you add your own dose of dried chilli and mix with the noodles. With the yolk still runny, the chilli pratically clings to every strand of the noodles, giving it a wonderful aromatic flavour. Having the noodles warm, the chilli spicy and the ikan bilis crunchy sure packs a few punches with every mouthful :).
What Julianne thinks?
Unconventional, fiery but lip smacking (yeah and maybe spicy and red too from all the chillies!)
Restoran Kin Kin is located at Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1, Off Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, turn left when you see the Honda showroom. Turn left again, Kin Kin is located in the midst of mechanic shops. With the amount of crowd, you wont miss it.



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