Monday, October 16, 2006

Indian Rojak@Tmn Bahagia LRT

Looking at the title tells you where this rojak stall is :)
I know there are loads of rojak stalls everywhere and I must say that this stall may not be the best indian rojak, but if you are around this area, you can always give this rojak stall a try..
My bro brought me here years back and we went pass it recently.. seeing it makes us wanna makan.. so, over we went! It was a sweltering afternoon, but the stall was under some shady trees area which provided a good area to eat the rojak and slurp down the cooling cendol... I had my rojak without the sotong and I got a reasonable plate of rojak and it was drenched with kuah.. The usual ingredients were there.. the fried doughy stuff, the ones with grated coconut, taufu, beansprouts, chopped cucumber, egg and the keropok. I think the nicest thing in this rojak would be the keropok. Although the keropok is at the bottom of the pile, soaked with sauce, I was pleasantly surprise that its still crunchy by the time i munch my way there. And the shrimps gives the keropok a great flavour, goes so well with the sauce. The abundant and fresh beansprouts balanced out the rich rojak sauce very well, so you wont feel jelak by the end of your meal. Still, some may find the sauce a tad diluted, I guess it boils down to personal preference... :)
What Julianne thinks?
Fuss free and very local
This Indian rojak stall is located opposite Taman Bahagia Putra LRT station. Next to the small park, where the taxi stop is.


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