Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gerai makanan Kie Kee

I was out with my bro recently and it was approaching lunchtime.. As my bro is a foodie too, I bugged him to bring me somewhere new to makan...
So off we went and soon I realised that he was driving towards PJ Old town... towards the foodcourt next to the market.. Ceh! Eat yong tow foo is it? I dah pernah makan ler...
But that was not his intention. He wanted me to try the chicken rice at the foodcourt. Chicken rice? Hello bradder, can let me try something more interesting ar?
We settled for a table near the stall, which a long queue has formed for takeaways already. So, what so special about this chicken rice stall? Nampak biasa je. Still, my bro was keeping his mouth shut and just told me to wait and try the food.. The suspence is killing me..
Finally, we were served. We had 2 dishes, the chicken and roasted pork. The star is definitely the chicken. It's actually not the ubiquitous roasted chicken, although from far, it does looks like one. This chicken is actually braised and looks something like see yau kai (soy sauce chicken) but the sauce base is sweet and fragrant. For those who enjoy chicken skin, Kie Kee's version is plump and smooth. And the chicken meat is so so tender! It practically melts off the bones, it's very well marinated and well, its just pure yummilicious :)
The roast pork was pretty decent too, the skin crispy and the meat, tender and not too salty. Well, of course its not as good as the very famous roast pork at Pudu area la(i think the shop is called wong mei kei) but boleh tahan. But if I had to choose, I will still take the chicken :p
What Julianne thinks?
Surprising, succulent and enjoyable.
Gerai Makan Kie Kee (stall no 41) is located inside Medan Selera (foodcourt) next to the PJ old town market. Opposite the bus station.


Blogger chaycandy said...

yummm... should try one day... chinese satay is good in that food court too...emmm...long time never go there ler...

05 October, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

really? I saw the stall there.. but I'm there for lunch usually, and it's open.. guess the chinese satay only opens at nite then?

09 October, 2006  

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