Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Food Foundry

I only heard about Food Foundry a few months back when SL went with her friends. Since then I have been wanting to try the food there, but some how didnt quite make it..
Finally, on a rainy sunday where I could not go for the pasar ramadan, Pariza and I went to Food Foundry instead :p
We reached there around 7:20 and the parking was already scarce. Luckily, there were still seats available at Food Foundry :). Pariza came here before, so she knew what she wanted to eat already. Food Foundry serves many types of cuisine, ranging from italian, local, spanish and western. I opted for the pasta, I heard some good stuff about it.. We had Seafood marinara, aglio beef and mushroom and lamb meatball tapas.
The tapas came first. The lamb meatballs was served with warm pita bread, which is appetising since it was a cool nite with the rain and all. The meatballs was drenched with warm mushrooms brown sauce and the pita bread soaks the sauce up like a sponge. Meatballs were tender, but I think they are a lil heavy on the flour/bread crumbs side.. some parts of the meatballs tends to get starchy...Taste wise, its ok.
Pariza's marinara was served next and for RM13.90, this plate of pasta sure is worth it. The pasta was generously topped with loads of sauce, squids, fish slices, prawns and mussel. I took a bite (thanks P) and the pasta tasted pretty good. Al-dente, the fettucine was just right.
My aglio beef and mushrooms was a feast to the eyes..I mean, look at the colours! Simply gorgeous. Food Foundry certainly is very generous with their ingredients.. I had so much beef and mushrooms that every mouthful I take has it. Pasta was al-dente, the beef, slightly rare, so it was tender. Yum. Alas, I have my gripes too. Pepper. Yup, you read right, the pepper. My aglio should be light flavour, with garlic and olive oil teasing my palate. Somehow, the chef decided that pepper as the main star and after a few bites, all I could taste was pepper. Maybe this should be renamed pepper beef and mushroom pasta. :(. My advise? When you are ordering, tell them for less/ no pepper.. And, there should not be any chopped spring onions on my pasta!!
Was rather stuffed already, but Pariza told me that Food Foundry has a very special cake.. The crepe cake.So, though I know I shud stop, I decided to order this special cake.. I mean, crepe is crepe, cake is cake.. but a crepe cake?? Basically, this Mille Crepe cake (thats the name) is melt-in-your-mouth-paper-thin crepes being stacked to the height and size of a cake. And every layer is filled with light milk cream, which gives this delicious cake a creamy, smooth texture. I actually like this cake and its concept. Refreshing. I wonder how many crepes they took to make this cake? 50? For those who hates the taste of milk, no worries, they have other flavours like chocolate, strawberry and green tea. Finish this off with a cup of Illy coffee, ahhhh...just superb...:)
What Julianne thinks?
Hearty, creative and reasonable.
Food Foundry is located at BG-8, Happy Mansion(its an apartment), Jalan 17/13. Drive towards Seksyen 17(from Eastin), turn in at Shell (corner). Drive straight till you see traffic lights, turn left. Drive straight and turn right just before another Shell station. Turn at the second road on your left. You will see 6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak. Food Foundry is at the other end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please include me the next time anyone is going there - J.Ho

27 October, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

yes yes, jem, will ask u along on my next visit :p

30 October, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The aglio beef and mushrooms 'with spring onions'is actually of fusion nature. Please do not restrict your culinary perpective to mainstream menus. IMHO I am all for the 'added touch' to a old yet bland recipe. I believe it is called 'evolution'.

01 November, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

hey anon, well good that u enjoyed their version of aglio beef :).i do like fusion too, dont get me wrong..but guess all of us have different taste and likes, as for me, i just dont find the spring onions complementing the dish well, thats all. If u think malaysia's italian food is bland, then italy's is even worst, coz they really stick to the basics and core ingredients :p

02 November, 2006  
Anonymous redv said...

thanks SC for bringing me there. it was a nice meal. wished i could stuff in some aglio beef. anyway tat have to be next time then. i will make space for the meatballs too. thanks again.

06 November, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

welcome redv. glad you enjoyed it :)

06 November, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, just went there a few days back w some frens too..and to happen to read your blog.... the oriental stuff had a tinge of 'burnt' taste which i understand is their style of cooking. let me know when you go again ya :) -at-

30 December, 2006  

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