Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lorong Gombak chapati

CW recommended me to this place, which I never knew it existed. He said that its always very pack during breakfast and lunch time, so we hurried over to 'secure' a seat...
The place is very warm, seats are limited, hygiene level is ummmm...
But, the chapati here is fantabulous!
When we walked in, the Indian lady was making the chapati at the entrance. Looks heavenly as she kneads and roll the chapati dough. This shop serves just a few types of dishes where customers can eat with either chapati or rice. The basics are curry chicken, curry lamb, fish curry, veg (fried and stir fry) and samosas.
Very promptly, our orders came. The chapati was served with chickpeas and beansprouts. It's just heavenly eating this chapati : soft, fluffy, fresh, warm and oil free.. very healthy and yummmm
The accompanying dishes of curry chicken and lamb was good too, though I personally preferred the latter. Even the teh tarik was slightly different.. I wondered if my tea was served with fresh susu lembu/ kambing..
Though the food was good, we really had to chomp down our food pronto as the heat in the shop was rather unbearable. Still, no regrets! I will definitely be back :)

What Julianne thinks?
Satisfying, back to basics meal.
I had to take a picture of the shop as it has no name( its next to Restoran Nasi Kandar Haji Ibramsha). It's located at Lorong Gombak, behind Coliseum Cinema. If you are coming from Jalan Raja Laut, it's behind Tradewinds Building.


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