Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sek Yuen Restaurant

Last saturday, rolly polly brought dragon, redv , june, eric and me to try a restaurant located in the heart of Pudu called Sek Yuen.
A really old restuarant, we felt like we have been warped to the 1960s once we stepped in. There are 2 parts of the restaurant, the original being non aircon(an old pre war building) and next to it, another shop with air con. All the food is cooked in the original building and carried over next door (from the back) to be served.
We reached slightly over 7pm, and the place was already pack! Actually, I think the original building was more crowded, guess coz it gives a nostalgic feel to its patrons. Rolly polly said that they still play songs from vintage vinyl! Wont be surprised if I can hear Zhou Xuan and Lin Dai's songs as the staff are really ancient! ;p
Some dishes required to be ordered 1 day in advance, which we did for the Pat Poh Ngap (Eight Treasure Duck). What we got was this gargantuan plate of duck (good to feed 10 people, as the staff boasted), braised for many hours. The whole duck was deboned(cept for the thighs and wings), filled with lotus seeds, ginko nuts, mushrooms etc, went for a quick "yau zum" before it was braised till tender. The duck came out aromatic, fully absorbed with the ingredient's delicate flavours.

We also had Kam Hiong fish head, Stir fry prawns and a plate of veg. The simple dish of veg came out surprisingly delicious, as its has enuff of 'wok hei' (quote frm rolly). I rather enjoyed the fish, a mix of fish head and meat sliced, deep fried before stir frying with kam hiong condiments. The prawns (har lok) was ok for me, thot it tasted like me mum's tomato stir fried prawns.

Overall, the food was good, an extremely hearty meal. Though there were only 4 dishes, the 6 of us could not finish the food. Mind you, we are not small eaters, redv and eric had 3 bowls and 2 1/2 bowls of rice respectively with plenty of dishes to go around. The bill came out to be around RM170 (minus the beer), we knew that its the duck thats slightly costly as the ingredients used was not cheap.A normal meal (everyday dishes) shud be around RM15-20 per person. Sek Yuen is located at 313-1 & 315, Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.Tel: 03-9222 9457, 03-9222 0903


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