Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Warehouse Cafe Art, Jalan Tun HS Lee

With the rising popularity of online deals, we do get a myriad of choices of deals, one of them, F&B. That's how I got to know about Cafe Art, which was having an online deal recently- my friend bought a few coupons to be redeemed there.
Cafe Art is located in The Warehouse, an art gallery. The same establishment houses Ril's at the first floor, a steakhouse which only opens for dining.
Located at an old area of town, the gallery is a breath of fresh air to this side of town, not looking odd at all..

It's well lighted, splashed with colourful art pieces adorning the walls, emanating a cheery mood.
Cafe Art serves very simple meal- a choice of coffee/ smoothies/ juices/ tea, yoghurt (wth fruits and muesli) and sandwiches.
For our sandwiches, we had a few types of meat to choose from- chicken, roast beef, tuna, turkey ham etc.

Can you tell which is chicken breast, tuna and beef? We could not at first glance too. I actually thought there's some difference in the sandwiches that we ordered, but I guess not.
The amount of fresh vegetables was commendable, but the side of salad looks exactly like those on the sandwich... So, how was the sandwich? I had the roasted beef- it was tough and extremely chewy. The meat was bland and to top it off, the bread was hard and dry. I did not like my order.
Those who ordered chicken breast was served with chicken sausage and ham instead. Only ok customer was those who ordered tuna.
Our meal includes a cup of Illy Americano....
Overall, it was not a satisfactory meal, I definitely will Not be returning. 

I went upstairs to have a peek at Ril's...
No wonder it's not opened for lunch- this place was absolutely scorching! It felt like we were in a furnace, we ran down quickly..

And while we were preparing to leave, the manager enquired about our meal. I honestly shared with her my experience on the tough roast beef, hoping that they will take note to improve. However, my hopes was quickly doused, instead of acknowledging and to improve in future, she just thought I had a tired old cow. It's not funny at all in such situation.

The Warehouse Gallery Cafe is located at 198 Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000 KL.

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Blogger AugustDiners said...

Ahh don't u juz hate it when they do dat? Such as asking our opinion but not embracing it with courtesy. Tsk tsk

14 November, 2011  
Anonymous Monica Rentals said...

Pretty cosy and pretty art. I would like to take friends there for a dinner sometimes if I had the chance.

15 November, 2011  

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