Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bistro a Table, Petaling Jaya

As stated in my previous post, I would like to share an unfortunate food incident that occurred a few weeks ago.. Left quite an impression, I must say..

It was Chardonnay's belated BD dinner, and we decided that Bistro a Table seemed a perfect choice- cozy, tucked at a quite area, great for catching up..
This place has been popular in recent months, with many raving reviews, we thought this would serve a good venue for dinner.
Serving french cuisine, we started off the meal with some baked escargot in horny goat weed(RM24)..
Prepared ala mini pie, the pastry was fragrant and the escargot was of firm texture. The weed (herb) was rather light, I cant really taste it except for the olive oil and salt..

Decided to have a side of truffle mash (RM12)
This was delicious! The mash was velvety smooth, with aromatic truffle oil lingering after a mouthful. We were told a lot of effort was put in this mash- the potatoes were not boiled (no H2O involved), it was roasted, then hand mashed and slow mixing of cream and truffle oil. 
BD boy had the Lamb Rack (RM85)
Juicy and pink on the inside, we all agreed that the lamb was cooked well. But there was no surprise to the palatte, the sauce tasted familiar per other western fare.
MC had the NZ King Salmon (RM58)
This was quite an eleborate main compared to ours, the salmon was wrapped in baking paper ala calzone shape, it was cut open before us..then a small sauce pan of champagne sauce was poured over it and topped with a spoonful of herbs. The salmon was fresh and sweet, the sauce not too rich, complemented the fish nicely.
WM and I decided to go for the Rabbit Stew (RM58)
The rabbit, which was cooked in red wine, came out rather coarse in texture. The sauce, Chardonnay commented, was too sour. I find the sauce ok, akin to the sauce for coq au vin. The potatoes cooked with duck fat was yummy though.
Desserts were Gauva Tart Tatin (RM19)
The warm tart was served with balsamic ice cream, which paired well in terms of texture and flavours. I liked it though it had mixed feelings from the rest.
Chocolate Fondant (RM18)
A safe and hard to go wrong choice, the cake was moist and slight crisp on the outside while the chocolate lava was thick and slightly bitter. Enjoyable.

Hmm, things sound find, right? So, what was the dreaded incident?
At 430am, I woke up with a start and started a series of severe vomiting and purging. It was horrendous and I was also worried that my friends suffered the same. Two were find, while Chardonnay, who ate a portion of my main, suffered light diarrhea. Yes, we pinpointed the source- it was definitely the dreaded rabbit.
And my food poisoning developed into a traveller diarrhea, which took me almost 2 weeks to recuperate. 
So, would I return? I really dont know. It was also unfortunate that we were seated near the kitchen, we could hear the chef screaming at her staff- rather disturbing for us. She came out a few times, looking angsty and sulky, maybe she had a bad day. I'm not sure. 

Bistro a Table is located at No 6, Jalan 17/54, 46400 Petaling Jaya. Tel 03-79312831. Reservations recommended.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went there too a couple of weeks ago, and just like you, after reading rave reviews.

We had both the same lamb (a safe and boring choice) and the rabbit stew which was too sour as well but minus the food poisoning. Poor you!

The guava tart tartine was bitter - a result of being burnt!

Will not be back. I don't know what the other bloggers were raving about, but thank you for being honest.

PS: And no she wasn't having a bad day, seems to have a Gordan Ramsay syndrome (and we were sitting towards the front!)

17 October, 2011  
Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

gosh thats really quite opposite from what i have been hearing from this place.

look if it was really the rabbit and nothing else that caused the stomache, i would give them a call to tell them, not to scold or complain but to ask them to check their stock, i cant imagine who else had food poisoning that night!

17 October, 2011  
Blogger sc said...

anonymous: oh, glad that you are fine. i think it's that one specific rabbit that i had. my friend who also ordered rabbit was fine. i see, it's really hell's kitchen huh?

joe: yes, i was surprise (in a bad way) too! well, i think the source was the particular rabbit i had, not the whole lot. i was too distraught and tire to even complain- many of my friends told me to report, but oh well.

17 October, 2011  
Anonymous Fred London said...

That dessert seems simply irresistible.

28 October, 2011  
Blogger Babe_KL said...

oh dear... no wonder i'm not in a hurry to make a visit :p

18 December, 2011  
Anonymous Alabama Vacation Rentals said...

Everything looks absolutely fabulous. I would love to pay a visit sometime soon. Surely it will be memorable lunchtime.

22 June, 2012  
Anonymous cello said...

looks great , i would love to come and visit

20 November, 2015  
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