Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bumbu Desa, Mid Valley

I first came across Bumbu Desa when it was first opened at KLCC.
I wanted to try the food, but the queue and wait was long, I was hungry and so I left...
But Bumbu Desa opened it's doors at Mid Valley, and maybe it's still unknown to many, getting a seat was a breeze.
So what's the fuzz with Bumbu Desa?
First thought- no, it's not the same establishment as Ole Ole/ Bumbu Bali/ Waterlily.
Bumbu Desa is purportedly a leading restaurant chain in Indonesia which has finally decided to make it's debut in Malaysia.
Bumbu serves "masakan Sunda", a good variety of Indonesian dishes was either ordered (per menu) or we can choose the dishes directly from the counter.

We had Gado Gado to start the meal..
Fresh crisp vegetables smothered with peanut sauce and generous amount of crunchy emping. Good way to start our meal.
Gepuk (fried beef) was next..
Very small pieces for the portion we order..It was crunchy, yet luckily, the beef was not chewy nor hard. I kinda liked it, but BL said it was tasteless. hmmm.
A fiery looking terung sambal (spicy brinjal)
The soft brinjal paired well with the hot sambal paste- wonderful with white rice.
Cumi Bakar was a disappointment though..
3 tiny squids (maybe 2 inches in length) for RM16. Rubbery and not worth your RM. Try something else.
The Ayam Bakar fared better..
Tender chicken meat with smokey flavour and nice charred bits. The sauce was a tad sweet for my liking though.

Our vote for the best dish of the night was the Gurami Goreng..
Served piping hot, the fish was fresh, crunchy and addictive to bite into. Eat it with the spicy sweet soy sauce, this was absolutely scrumptious.
We had all the dishes with white rice and nasi liwek..
Yes, I ordered wondering what it was. It came in a 'steamed' packet- almost like nasi lemak, with anchovies and the rice had the coconut milk aroma.
Total bill was RM72 for 4 pax (we had 20% discount), which I must admit, was pretty reasonable.

Bumbu Desa is located at Mid Valley Megamall. Same area as Madam Kwan's, just a floor above it. The first branch is located at KLCC, highest floor.

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Blogger choi yen said...

The beef looks very dry...

06 August, 2011  
Blogger sc said...

choi yen: it was deep fried beef slices, so yeah, was dry. but was not hard to eat though.

09 August, 2011  
Blogger cleo said...

Splendid food especially the fish.I am not sure about the beef.


16 August, 2011  

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