Monday, June 07, 2010

Jaya One Foodcrawl, Part 1

An invite from Ramesh led me to join a large group of bloggers for a food crawl at Jaya One recently. Been ages since I joined a food crawl with bloggers, so why not eh? Met a number of new faces (not all were food bloggers) and a big bunch of food bloggers.

We all congregated at Brisik to begin our crawl..Starters at Brisik consist of satay serai and satagor. The satay serai was very much like satay lilit; Brisik's version was moist and good with the sauce. The satagor, which looks like begedil, was actually a mash of bean curd, potato, mince chicken and veg deep fried. Satagor is a blander and softer version of begedil, which you'll either like or dislike. I find it ok, but would have given my vote for good old begedil.
Kerabu Mangga added some zing to the mild flavoured starters..
The chilli padi was fiery and complemented the sour mango well. The shredded mango was slightly soft, the extra crunch in the kerabu would have been better. Taste wise, it was very appetizing.
We adjourned next to Bar Madrid for some tapas..
It was highly strung compared to Brisik, maybe having so many bloggers visiting the establishment on the same night added the tension. Anyways, we got to try some tapas prepared for us..

The tortilla espanalo was served first..

This was a more lavish version of the spanish omelette, this was filled with ham, cheese and a scattering of herbs. A compact version of an omelette, it was quite nice.

The Jamon Serrano Croquetas was a bane for some of us..

Jess and Mike, whom I had the pleasure to share table with, had a strong dislike for cheese. And this croquette (fried potato balls) was filled to the brim with creamy, cheesy, bechamel like sauce and chopped serrano ham. It had a rather strong porky flavour, which might put some diners off. Else, it's actually a rather yummy treat.

Iberico Confitado was served last..

The Iberico pork was slow cooked till tender and served on baguette. This tapas tasted rather asian, the flavour tasted almost like the pork filling for seremban siew pau :p. Delicious nonetheless, a mouthful of goodness that I enjoyed.

After the starters, we moved on to Divino for some wine..

Dawn was there to greet us almost immediately- we were slightly late and guess she was expecting us. We were brought around the restaurant and also to the adjoining Pristine Wine Shoppe which carries an extensive selection of wines from both Old and New Worlds.
For our night, Dawn had selected 4 wines from New World..

Frm L-R: June Shiraz, Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage, Black Cottage Pinot Noir and Lobster Reef Malborough Sauvignon Blanc

Lobster Reef Malborough Sauvignon Blance 2009: The only white wine for the night, the wine was light in flavour as its a young wine. Easy to drink and would be good with seafood.

Black Cottage Pinot Noir 2008: Slightly spicy, this wine was quite easy on the palate too. This wine is recommended with red meats and pasta.

Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage 2008: I find this rich with strong tannins. Think will suit heavier flavoured food.

Juno Cape Maidens Shiraz 2007: Another spicy based wine, this Shiraz carries hints of nutty flavour too. A deep flavoured wine, this goes well with more intense flavoured dishes (red meats).
10-1, Palm Square Jaya One, No 72-A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 PJ.
Bar Madrid
12A-G, Palm Square, Jaya One.
Divino Restaurant
6-1, Palm Square, Jaya One.

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Blogger Ciki said...

i heard about this! totally epic eating;) nice shots girl!

08 June, 2010  
Anonymous jason said...

OOoo, your new camera seems to be working very well :D

08 June, 2010  
Blogger Ramesh V said...

Thanks for the updates :)

09 June, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

cumi&ciki: it was a large bloggers outing..hehehe..we were like media moving about from restaurants to restaurants..kekeke

jason: my dear, it's not that new la, bought it more than 1/2 a year ago :p think it works well coz u guys provided the lighting!

ramesh: most welcome :)

09 June, 2010  
Blogger ai wei said...

you are fast!!! it's nice meeting you that night (after some uncountable months) :) had lots of fun

09 June, 2010  
Blogger J2Kfm said...

Hey ... so this was the crawl you mentioned the other day? :)
Nice ... I read about Brisik's legendary Bergedil in the mag the other day.

09 June, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

aiwei: hehehe not that fast la..been a couple of weeks already ma :) good to meet you too, hehe yes, it was fun alright!

j2kfm: yup dude, this is half of it..half more to go. brisik's is satagor- beancurd mash- interesting compared to the potato based begedil..

09 June, 2010  
Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

cant wait for part 2!

09 June, 2010  
Anonymous jason said...

Haha, thanks to WMW for the lighting!

11 June, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

joe: shall post soon!

jason: yes, thanks to you both :)

14 June, 2010  
Blogger Babe_KL said...

nice shots. i feel so lazy, dunno when mine's gonna be up

15 June, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

babe: thanks..yup, i was rather lazy to post it..but after a while, better post it lor..

23 June, 2010  

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