Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fish & Noodle House, Damansara Kim

We started off looking for another noodle place, but ended up at Fish & Noodle as we saw the queue outside the shop..
Since we were both hungry and didnt want to look any longer, we decided to try Fish & Noodle House instead.
The restaurant's really small, think there were only about 15 small square tables.
As we were willing to share table with other customers, we got our seats fairly quick. No grouses on that part :)
The menu's not extensive, there were a few types of fish based noodles- served with fish head/ fish slices/ fish paste/ salmon and some fried rice.
I had the fish head noodles(RM7.90)..
The broth was almost milky white; it had a nice, light flavour of wine, slightly spicy from the ginger slices and an overall sweet taste. Didnt have the sour taste of the plums though. The salient ingredients were there- fish head, tomatoes and preserved vegetables. But I thought the fish head serving was pretty measly- I got 3 medium sized fish head chunks in my bowl which I feel was not sufficient for my big bowl of vermicelli. Left me a tad unsatisfied. 4 pieces would have been just right.
I'd say that the fish head noodles was tasty- but not those blow-your-socks-off good. So I did wonder what's the fuss about, and why there were so many articles written about this place.
Fish & Noodle House is located at 77, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya. Opens 8am-4pm daily. Closed 1st & 3rd Mondays.

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Anonymous Pureglutton said...

Hmmm...i have passed by this place. So it's not worthwhile to eat there huh?

10 July, 2009  
Blogger minchow said...

Hey I was nearby having the famous Fish Head noodle at the food court... and I wondered if this was the same operator? Doesn't quite look the same though...

10 July, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

pureglutton: it's quite good and satisfying, so you can definitely pop over to try. just that it's crowded and you need to wait a little.

550ml jar of faith: not the same..we were sharing table with this patron and she said that this is better than the food court's (she tried both, we have not :) )

10 July, 2009  
Blogger boo_licious said...

I heard it is only average tasting also, but that fish skin looked so tempting I have been itching to go try.

10 July, 2009  
Blogger Rebecca Saw said...

ohhohh.. now am wondering whether to try..

10 July, 2009  
Blogger Simon Seow said...

Did you do the soya bean and tofu fa there? This restaurant is run by Bangsar Babe's friend and his parents.

11 July, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

boo: it was ok pop over and try and tell me if this is better than the one at the food court (i've not tried that yet)

thenomadGourmand: can try la, it's pretty nice :)

simon: no wor..there's soya and tofu fa? i didnt even notice it! :(

11 July, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u should try the fish head noodle shop just opposite the fish & noolde house. cw

23 July, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

cw: opposite? at the corner alleviated hawker?

27 July, 2009  

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