Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Maddening Macau

We decided to do a day trip to Macau as many said one day is sufficient.
Bad timing, over sleeping and late breakfast didn't help, and long, long wait at immigration added to our frustrations and cutting our time in Macau even shorter.
We reached Macau at noon. It does not help that we took a bus almost immediately at the ferry jetty and none of us could read chinese. My questions in cantonese were left hanging; J2kfm was right, Macanese are not very friendly people. And, make sure you get a detailed map, it took us 3 locals' directions (the first 2 locals gave us wrong directions!)before we managed to get on the right track to the famed Senado Square.
Very crowded and touristy Senado Square..Though it does looked rather quiet in my picture. The crowd disappeared for 10 sec..haha. There were quite a number of nice looking buildings and structures, you can happily snap away on the route up to Ruins of St. Paul's.
You'll definitely get to sample freshly baked almond cookies, barbequed meat, egg rolls all the way to the ruins..
And there we are, all full by the time we were at the base of St. Paul's.
Weaving through the crowded Ruin of St. Paul's, we took a short walk up to fortress hill which was much better. Lots of greenery, bird chirping..got my mood swinging back up :)
At the top of the fortress, we were awarded with a grand view of Macau..
The cannons were targeting many tall casinos I tell ya' :p
As I was having quite a lot of chinese food in HK, decided to have some portugese food in Macau instead. After some asking around, we were recommended to Restaurante Platao..
Hidden away from the noisy, over crowded Largo de Senado, I was pleasantly surprise it's just a few steps away, but was so peaceful here.
I wanted to try Bacalhau, a type of dried salted fish from portugal. To prepare dishes with bacalhau, these salted fish needs to be soaked in water for many hours before cooking it.
Finally decided on Bacalhau baked with seafood
Came a small dish, I was rather sad as I was hungry by then.hehe. Smells terrific, very cheesy and fishy. It was so rich and creamy, simply gorgeous. The bacalhau was more chewy, a tad stringy in texture. The meat don't break as easily as fresh fish and there's still a hint of saltiness in it. Cooked in cream sauce, with prawns, squids and potatoes, this was heavenly. So good. Now I understand the more demure serving, this dish was too rich, too much of it would leave me unappreciative? Either that or they're stingy..haha
Amy wanted something lighter, hence a Grilled Chicken Steak Sandwich..
Maybe I was deprived of other cuisines for a few days, but one bite of this and I have to concede that this was the best grilled chicken sandwich I've tried so far. The grilled chicken was so tender and moist, the juices were oozing from the meat with each bite. And beautifully marinated. The bread reminds me of sourdough, more chewy but in a satisfying way.
Good meal, but a tad expensive. Costs about RM109.
And yes, we had the famed Portugese egg tarts at Margaret's Cafe e Nata
Creamy, cheesy egg centre enclosed by flaky pastry. The egg filling's really fragrant and smooth, such a yummy snack. The crust was ok though, the base was rather hard to chew, think Tong Kee's flaky pastry's better.
We rushed over to Venetian as we bought tickets for Cirque's Zaia.
Realising we had some extra time before the show, decided to take a stroll around Venetian. I must say, it was impressive, fantastic job in duplicating the real Venice..
Take a guess which was taken at Venetian and which was taken at Venice? :p
We managed to make it to Zaia just in time, the act was good, but not as brilliant as Quidam. We're happy nonetheless. :)
And yes, we rushed over to the jetty immediately after the show, in good time for the ferry...what a maddening rush in Macau for us the whole day!
Restaurante Platao
G/Fl., Travessa Sao Domingos, Macau. At Largo do Senado, enter from the sidelane next to Mc Donald's.
Margaret Cafe e Nata
Edificio Kam Loi, Macau. It's at a back lane, walking distance from Largo do Senado.

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Blogger HairyBerry said...

woah, from the pics, it does look like the real venice!

oh, love quidam as well! especially the chinese acrobats playing with the yo-yo thingies.. ;)

17 December, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

nic: looks alike eh? the only place i did not find (maybe i didnt see) was their replica of St marco's square..am sure there's one at venetian :). i find quidam more haunting and the storyline more solid :)

17 December, 2008  
Blogger Precious Pea said...

Hmmm...actually one day is not enuff. There are places in Taipa and Coloane Village worth visiting too...more quiet and relax, away from those casinos.

17 December, 2008  
Blogger Ciki said...

macanese! haha.. i thot i was reading about the macarena at first! I just learnt a new word la. I would have called em macaueans.. hehe
The bacalhau ! like fish casserole rite? only tough fish.. !

not my cuppa tea.

and oh, what a TART! (that tart looks fine..)

17 December, 2008  
Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow 2 dish for 109? thats quite exp ar..

17 December, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, I was just in macau on sunday and now I'm reading this. We had late long BIG lunch at Fernandos, which would have been good if you had the time to go. IT's right at the bottom of Coloanne, by the sea, a lot quieter than city center. We ate like piggies :).

17 December, 2008  
Blogger Selba said...

Macau looks so nice... the last time I was there.. uhmmm.. 20 years ago? hehehe...

Wow.. Portugese egg tarts! must be really delicious!

17 December, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad about the unfriendly Macau residents... hmm

17 December, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

pea: yeah, we skipped taipa and coloane village as we only reach macau at lunch hours! :( would have been able to cover it if i reached early morning.

cumi&ciki: i got the word from a mag :). bacalhau is actually salted dried fish, the one we had was sorta casserole, not tough though :)oh yeah, lovely tart..haha

joe: it was the bacalhau's that's ex..the sandwich was ok HK price..

SF: yeah, you did mentioned about Fernando's when we were with you. just that we didnt have enuff time for leisure eating :(

selba: you should try the portugese tart, yummy. but am sure the have it in jakarta bakery too, no?

jason: well, those i come across were either unfriendly or not bothered. only one dude was friendly and showed us directions to a few places..

17 December, 2008  
Blogger J2Kfm said...

Platao? very near to the Square ah? i missed that lah. but i ate at McD though. hmmm ...

my bacalhao experience at Dumbo not that good though. maybe not whole fish, only fried with rice.

how much was the Cirque's show?

17 December, 2008  
Blogger Tummythoz said...

No showing what's you're worth at the casinos?

17 December, 2008  
Blogger Tummythoz said...

No showing them what's you're worth at the casinos?

17 December, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

j2kfm: it's just at the lane behind McD. oh, i guess that version of bacalhau should be drier? Cirque's show was pretty good, though not jaw dropping..

tummythoz: no la, never have such luck, so shall not waste my time :p

17 December, 2008  
Blogger Penang Tua Pui said...

wow... go macao one day trip.. some more din plan up front...some more non of u read chinese.... some more can back to Msia and blog about it?

really salute u...

abt the dish... it is s bit expensive....

18 December, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, bacalhau is dried salted COD fish. :)

18 December, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

penang tua pui: hahaha you make it sounds so scary..actually, i did something like that for my europe trip few years back too. just buy the tickets and go..plan when there! hehe

SF: yeah, i read it's cod fish, just not sure if macau's cod fish too. guess it is eh, hence more pricey than normal ikan masin? haha

24 December, 2008  
Anonymous Katrina said...

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04 April, 2011  

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