Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shopping in Bangkok

So I was in Bangkok end of last year.. Was planning for full fledge 5 days shopping galore in Bangkok and end the year with a bang.. well, literally, it did happen...
Anyways, I have listed down some shopping areas I have been to when I was in Bangkok, hope some of you may find it useful..
  • Siam Paragon- The Starhill of Bangkok. Only larger, poshier, glossier and with tonnes of hot people to check out (thais are very trendy, I felt like a sakai over there..). It does carry some brands that could not be found in Malaysia, but on average, the price is slightly higher than Msia (comparing the same clothings). Has an oceanarium at basement and large cineplex at top floor.
  • MBK (Mah Brun Krong)- Just opposite Siam Paragon. Thai's version of Sungai Wang. Popular among locals
  • Siam Centre- A much smaller shopping centre next to Siam Paragon. Nothing much there, I didnt even look around.
  • Siam Square- Large square with loads of affordable clothings, shoes, accessories for men and women..and restaurants..If you look good enuff, theres plenty of good bargains there. Shoes are really gorgeous and affordable there. Must eat at dessert shop Mango Tango. As good as the famous mango shop in HK.
  • Central World Plaza and Zen- Well, Zen shopping centre is kinda connected to Central World, might as well lump them together. Both are rather new, there are still quite a number of vacant units in the building..Anyways, Zen sells, well, what else, but zen stuff. But seriously beautiful zen stuff. May burn a hole in your pocket though :p. Central World Plaza carries branded labels, somewhat like Paragon. Hop across the road to pray to the famous Erawan Shrine. Short walk frm Paragon, or BTS-Chit Lom.
  • Isetan - Their building is connected to Central World. Noticed that they do have some clothing line that you can find in Malaysia. Smaller scale though. You can find a cineplex at top floor, together with MK, a famous thai steamboat franchise.
  • Central Dept - The last bit at the end of this long shopping road. Nothing much actually, just another departmental store.
  • Platinum Fashion Mall- Cheap cheap clothings, shoes, bags, accessories that locals go to. If you buy more than 1 piece, you get whole sale prices. Of course quality is not as good, but still ok. Not allowed to try on the clothes though. Down the corner from Isetan. Nearby Pantip Plaza, the largest IT mall in Bangkok.
  • Krong Thong Centre and City Centre- Both are located opposite Platinum. Does both wholesale and retail, you can get clothings, shoes, accessories, bags, jewellery etc for really really low prices. With RM10, you could get 3 tops or 3 skirts..u get the picture.. Both closes by 5pm. No fitting rooms for trying clothes though.
  • Pratunam market- Opens 24hours with all the same stuff (or more) that u can find in Krong Thong and CC. I didnt shop much here coz the prices are quite similar to KT and CC. If you wanna get local junk food (like pork floss sticks and crackers) and dont have time to visit Bangrak Market (wholesale for food), get it here.
  • Chatuchak Market- This place is so famous, dont think I need to say much. Slightly away frm city, take BTS to Mo Chit. Sells everything that u can think of, including household products, antiques and even pets. Remember to bargain. I managed to eat fried worms and grasshopper when i was there previously, but cant find the stall anymore coz theres thousands of stalls here. Open weekends.
  • Suan Lum Night bazaar- Considered as posh night market, though all are rather crampy stalls, everything is beautifully decorated. Loads of tourists, esp angmohs. Obviously we need to pay a premium to maintain these good looking stalls. Nonetheless, worth a visit to see this VIP market..Not near BTS though.
  • Robinson's- I went to the one near Asok BTS. Reasonable shopping, better quality products compared to those in Pratunam's. Somewhat like Metrojaya/Parkson Grand of Msia. Loads of tailors along the road. Yes, you can tailor made your suits and get it the next day (on non peak period)
  • Patpong Night Market- I didnt go this time, my frens went. Tourist area and red light area.. Cut throat prices. My frens who went came back empty handed.

Well, hope the list helps a lil for those who's looking at shopping in some parts of Bangkok (well, there's also other shopping areas i didnt manage to go like Emporium and Chinatown). My advise is, wear good walking shoes, drink lots of water (or their coconut/ orange juice) and choose a hotel that's near a BTS station!

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Blogger CHIC-HANDSOME said...

good year

10 January, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

good year to you too :)

11 January, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a great read with some very decent pictures. Keep it up. you should do a klang BKT session. would look delicious on camera !


16 January, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

hey sham.. i wrote bout klang BKT long time ago.. i think in may last year la..

17 January, 2007  
Blogger boo_licious said...

No bras? Wacoal is an essential buy whenever you visit Thailand as it's super cheap there. My friends cart them back by the dozens.

20 January, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

:D..of coz i did get wacoal bras there boo..i thot this purchase is by default and i dont need to mention it ma :) hahaha

22 January, 2007  
Blogger Simonne said...

wonder if you get some skin care product while u at BKK eg boots, dhc?


06 August, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

hi sukkimi, no i didnt buy any skincare products when i was there. my friends did though

07 August, 2008  

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