Monday, October 02, 2006

Tao Xiang claypot fish head noodles

ES told us about this fish head noodles at Jalan Tiong Nam recently. With the directions that ES gave, I thought he was bringing us to the fish head noodles shop near Wisma Sime Darby...
CW and I happily made our way over to Wisma Sime Darby and we started walking and walking and walking.. What seems like an eternity later, we turned into a quiet road off Jalan Raja Laut and we see this quaint little shop tucked in a corner. But by golly, was it pack!
We quickly settled for the first available seats and ES ordered claypot fish head noodles for 3 and bak kut teh for 2. The wait was not too long and soon we were served with this large claypot brimming with fish head and other goodies... Tao Xiang's version of fish head noodles differs slightly from the usual. It came packed with 'extra' ingredients of fish balls, la la and yam. Yes, yam. I donno why its there, but its there. The usual ingredients such as sliced preserved veg, taufoo, tomatoes and veg are there. The result? You get a sweet tasting soup that's rather addictive. The fish head can be rather over fried, as some came out dry and hard. The fish ball and la la were yummy though.
The bak kut teh was served shortly after, but it paled in comparison to the fish head. The soup was ok, had quite a strong "foo kum" taste to it.. But the meat..sigh.. I dont think the meat was boiled long enough, it was kinda hard for me to chew and that is not a good version of bkt.. I wont order this the next time I pop by..
What Julianne thinks?
Very Malaysian, simple but satisfying.
I dont really have the address of Tao Xiang. In fact, they dont even have a signboard in English for its shop. So, i took a picture instead. Drive down Jalan Raja Laut, pass Wisma Sime Darby on your left. Drive down and turn left ( one road before KFC cross junction). You will see the above shop..
(ps: I did get rather thirsty after lunch, wonder if its from the soup.. is it full of msg??)


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