Thursday, August 17, 2006

To believe or not to?

Things are not going too well for me recently. I have a series of bad luck, minor setbacks and 'bumps' in recent weeks that its affecting my mood.
This is not funny.

So what happens when things are not going smoothly? To seek divine intervention? Funny, when things go awry, the human mind tends to look for explanations. In the case of many asians (especially chinese), they would like to link to the chinese zodiac (whether this year u 'fan taishui' or not), the auspicious dates for anything you wanna do, even to seek the assistance of mediums/ palm readers and face readers for a 'glimpse' of the future..

Hence, is this a bad month for me? I checked. The chinese zodiac thinks other wise. Not giving up, I checked on my horoscope instead.. Not too bad either. Then how can I explain my streak of bad luck??
Simple actually... there is No explanation. It just happens. To Everyone. One time or another. Guess its just my turn this month.
I have never gotten my palm/ face/ destiny(eight characters) read before. And never will. If the reading is good, you will be over the moon. But bad?? Would it be self fulfilling? I've known someone who was told that he will only be successful by 30 years old. So he waited to be 30. Now he's 30. Its still the same.
I dabble with numerology and tarot cards. I read for others, rarely for myself. Strangely, I find Tarot rather accurate. I have once read for a friend seeking answers as she does want to face with reality (which in fact I too know the answer without using Tarot). I read for her 3 times, once every week. The same 6 cards/ reading appeared everytime. There are 72 cards. She manage to randomly pick out the same cards on 3 separate occasion bearing the same 'answers'. Now how freaky is that?

Do you believe in such things? Want a reading? ;p


Blogger Last-of-the-Dragon said...

how come u din offer to read for me?

18 August, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

yes yes i do some form of tarot reading candy.. :)
dragon, i thot u knew? aiyo, if u wanna reading, just ask me! ;p

19 August, 2006  
Blogger Last-of-the-Dragon said...

i know u did card reading but i totally forgot to ask u each time. must offer la....tee hee

21 August, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

boleh boleh.. anytime when u r free...

21 August, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

errr .... would it bring along "uninvited guest" when doing that ?

03 January, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

hurhur, very farny a.lee :p

10 January, 2007  

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