Monday, August 14, 2006

Low Yau Kee porridge

My boss has been telling me about this to-die-for porridge that she has been having for many many years at Medan Pasar. I have always wanted to try, but with the hot weather, having porridge somehow dont seem very tempting to me. And one fine (and very hot) evening, I decided to pop over with WF. Saw redv there with his frens too.
Low Yau Kee is a really old stall(run by rather old owners) set up at the five foot way, where all its customers sits at tables set up on the five foot way. So dont bother to pop over when its raining, there's no shelter for them to set up their stall.
We were there late, around 8:15 pm, everything was nearly sold out :(. Luckily, they still had the famous "chu chap" porridge. I never had anything chu chap as I dont think I can eat all these pig's internal 'stuff'. But of course I tried the porridge even though with trepidation ;p
The fantabulously delicious chu chap porridge

I take back whatever I got to say on chu chap.
This bowl of porridge is the best porridge I had in KV. Ever. The porridge is silky smooth, sweet and fragrant, it practically glides down your throat! And my fear of the chu chap having the smelly porky taste quickly dissolved, the moment I took my first mouthful. All the chu chap was very fresh and sweet. They were very generous with their ingredients too, loads of fried chu cheong (intestines), still crunchy though soaked in the porridge. You can also request for porkballs which is not in the original order.
Low Yau Kee also sells fish porridge, chicken porridge, plain porridge and steam chicken. I will definitely come back again, was told that the fish porridge is yummy too.. They serve you raw fish slices, you dip in the hot porridge to cook it and then.. makan!
What Julia thinks?
Nostalgic, irresistable and unforgetable
If you dont mind the heat, noise and dirt, check out Low Yau Kee at Jalan Tun HS Lee, opposite RHB(corner). Near Masjid Jamek LRT. Opens at 5:30 to 9 pm, be there early coz they sell out pretty fast!


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